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WordPress Web Design Service

Flare Web Design have been working with WordPress as a blogging and CMS platform since the early days of version 2.0 – WordPress has evolved and changed in to a real powerhouse of a Content Management System and is extremely popular, widely used and has a thriving design and development community that makes sure each platform update improves both the performance and admin user experience.

Will WordPress help my business?

What WordPress is extremely good at is creating an easy to use content management environment that allows you and your marketing team an easy way to update content on your website. In recent years WordPress has also spread it’s wings from a mere blogging platform and can be customised to run lots of different types of business application – from an event booking interface through to E-commerce with filtered searches and cohesive content structure.

Most scrolling brochure based websites with great design and layout can be powered by WordPress as the content is seperated from the design. Flare Web Design can create ANY style of website with WordPress ( please ask us for examples! )

Is WordPress good for SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Marketing has a lot of different aspects to it. The good news is that technically WordPress understands some of the real basics and is set up well “out of the box” to help a website tick some of the right boxes with the various search engines. Other content management systems have to be more manually set up from the outset so this is a good time-saver.

It is also very easy to improve upon the native SEO friendly techniques that the WordPress team have developed and it is no accident that “Internet Marketeers” and “Power Bloggers” all use WordPress as a good platform to promote themselves online.

How can you help me with an existing WordPress website?

Because WordPress is so popular and fairly easy to set up a lot of web design companies offer this as a service. This doesn’t mean that they are doing it right however and we have rescued a few disasters for businesses.

We are often asked to re-build WordPress themes, create new template pages or update and manage new content as business owners have been left in the dark about how to achieve this. Flare Web Design offer a full solution. We are first and foremost web developers who understand the underlying code and can identify and trouble shoot problems for WordPress.

Can you host and manage my WordPress website?

Yes – we offer a fully managed hosting package in a WordPress friendly environment. We can keep your website up-to-date, content manage for you and also provide recovery and backup if your WordPress website experiences any “user error” or gets hacked.

We love WordPress

Out of all the content management systems we have worked with we have a few favourites and a few dislikes and we often recommend a client uses WordPress due to the quick and uncomplicated learning curve.Wordpress also benefits from having a thriving development community, popularity and the fact that it is easy to make really successful websites with.

We have often noticed significant improvement in search engine placement when a website is rebuilt in WordPress. Our knowledge and experience also help to get to the very core of making a WordPress platform successful for Businesses to use as part of their marketing and online strategy.