Websites meet Office Software

“Webware” or Online applications are becoming used more in small businesses and by frequent web users that have a fairly flexible attitude to new technologies.

In this article we will look at some of the popular and emerging webware that may improve your workflow and save your wallet.

Online all the time.

Due to the advent of faster, and more available internet, plus big movements by the leaders in the software market to take their applications in to “the cloud” webware is starting to make an emergent appearance in peoples everyday lives.

People are increasingly using the internet, not just for passively browsing for information (static websites) but for interaction (forums, blogging, social media) and purchasing (e-commerce, online ordering/shopping). It is a logical step then for other applications to emerge that fall in to the category of online software, or webware to help them in other areas of their lives, such as life-organisation, storage, word-processing and business use.

Some Webware Website Examples:

Free online offices:

1) Google Docs

This is described as a web-based productivity application and you can create and store documents, spreadsheets and presentation type material. It also allows easy storage and the ability to invite people to share, edit and upload additional files.

2) Microsoft Office Web Apps

Microsoft have embraced the online application environment and offer free versions of the office suite with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. Microsoft have generously given users of their MSN email accounts 25gb each to use with their storage that has been dubbed “SkyDrive”.

3) Zoho Docs

Less well known than the other two heavy hitters in this list but has an easy to use interface and offers 1gb of storage with a signup account.Another good online office solution.

Other Application Examples:

There are an increasing myriad of online applications that specialise in various functions, from converting and editing PDF’s to Wire-framing layouts for web design and everything else that someone may find useful on a day to day basis. Here are some of the ones that we have used and keep returning to.

1) Caccoo:

Great wire-framing tool that allows sharing of ideas, a conference mode that can have a multi-user live edit function and the ability to draw just about anything quickly.

2)PDF to Word document:

Nitro PDF converter is also a great time saver for converting a PDF to word document if a client is unable to read PDF’s or use in their system. it is the most accurate converter and some PDF’s created inside graphics packages such as Photoshop or Adobe illustrator have been successfully converted.

3)Google Translate:

A quite amazing and free online translator that even gives phonetics through soundbytes. Great for typing in naughty words for a laugh and finding their equivalent in Swedish or Japanese.


Even though this has hit a bit of controversy recently, it has been useful to share large documents with clients and create a project folder for them to upload their images, content and other media to without lengthy email attachments.

Big Lists Here!

Here are some massive compilations of current and useful online applications that you may find useful in everyday life or fit in to your working environment.

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Be sure to feedback if you have found any gems that really improve aspects of the way that you work or use the internet.