Well Designed Websites

At Flare Web we really take the layout and look of a website very seriously. Whatever the budget of the projects that we work on, we try and ensure that a good looking, well functioning website is delivered to our clients and feature some of the more technical aspects below.

Clean & Professional Graphics

Professionally trained and always online gives us a vast experience of what looks good as a website and what to avoid. We constantly monitor websites that focus on web design and stay abreast of the industry trends to always grow as designers. This way, no two websites that we build are totally alike and clients can rest assured that they have a uniquely designed website.

Modern Semantic Markup

Creating a professional code base and well structured layout is more than just for our geeky pride. It has been noticed that search engines penalize websites or can’t understand the content of the website, which in turn affects rankings.
Using the most modern web coding practices and constantly keeping up to date with our own training and approach to web standards ensures that we create crystal clear and fast containers to carry your precious content towards search engines and human viewers and does not get in the way.

Fast Containers

Page loading speed is becoming increasingly important for both users and search engines. Websites that are slow loading are not only dealt with impatiently by human viewers but search engines have begun to penalize them and slow loading pages are now dropping in search engine positions as a result.
As previously mentioned the way that Flare Web designs a website we take in to consideration a fast and clean code base that ensures that a page loads at optimum speeds. We also check our developed websites with various page speed loading tools. So there.

Page Speed Google Analytics

Page Speed Tool courtesy of Google

Cross Browser Compatibility

A web browser is the thing that you are looking at this website with right now. It could be anything from Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer (versions 6,7,8,9) or other more exotic options. It is vitally important that a website works in all of these different web browsers and provides the same experience for the human viewer of the website regardless of the web browser they are using.
When building and designing a website our experience and code knowledge combined with constant testing in the different browsers helps to keep the website compatible in all browsers.
Sometimes due to a unique situation in a more complex web development, a website might not work as intended in a particular browser after launch. We also post bug fix and support the website, ensuring that it works as intended in these circumstances.


User Experience

User Experience or “UX” is a skill set that is important in the design and layout of web page and overall architecture of a website. Modern websites are constructed with this in mind and the intention is to flow a web site user to a goal and help them to complete what they are after with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of help. Flare web has studied this important art and is always re-accessing and improving upon user experience to ensure that a website becomes a useful tool for the user, which in turn reflects upon the success of the website for the company.
On a side note, this is why no Flare Web designed website will ever have intrusive popup “surveys”, as web users ourselves, we unanimously don’t like them and don’t want to inflict them on others! (unless there is a very good reason of course.)

User Experience

Peter Morville's User Experience Honeycomb

Grid Based Systems

Rapid prototyping and wire-framing is another skill that we utilise in our workflow. This ensures that we get fast and professional designs and concepts to our clients so that they can get a clear understanding of their requirement as a designed solution. This helps all parties understand the project and becomes easy to translate in to a code base ready final deployment.