There are thousands of free programs, apps and tools available for download from the internet.

Here are the ones I find useful on a daily basis:

1. Dropbox

Although it is explained very well on their home page, I’ll summarise.

You may or may not have heard the buzz word ‘cloud’ technology. The idea being, you can create anything on one device, for example your SmartPhone, then, via the internet, it will automatically be saved/updated on all your other devices. This technology is already helping people from all walks of life and is likely to come into its own in the next 5 years.

Dropbox relies on cloud technology. Simply put, it creates a directory (or folder) which you can access wherever there is an internet connection. This means you can upload a file onto Dropbox at home, then go to work and download it there. Thus cutting out the need for a flash drive.

Even more usefully, Dropbox allows you to create different folders inside your directory, which you can share with anyone else who has a Dropbox account. So if I want to share a collection of files with my colleague Phil, I invite them to share a folder, add the files and hey presto, Phil can see, edit and delete them where he see’s fit. For the latter reason, when sharing folders it is always worth keeping a backup of all your files. Just in case.

To use Dropbox, go to their website wielding your email and they will take you through the easy steps. Click here! Go.

2. Launcher

This is a really simple application for Windows and Mac. When I start work, I invariably click the same six applications before I start the day. Launcher allows you to click one icon (either in your dock or as a shortcut) which opens all the apps, folders or files you need to start the day. Simples.

3. Desktoday

Another simple one; Desktoday is a Mac App. I tend to save things to my desktop every day, so I can access them easily. Annoyingly, having a packed desktop slows down your Mac, because anything sitting on the desktop resides in your computers RAM. This has lead to me deleting or filing all my desktop files at the end of each day. This solution is great until you want to access those files and you can’t remember where you saved them, or even worse have deleted them for good.

Desktoday takes all the files on your desktop and stores them in a dated folder at the click of a button. Meaning I just have to remember when I was working on the file and go get it! Easy!

Click here to have a look!