Photography Web Design

A photographer often has a stunning portfolio that needs showing off online in the best possible light.

Flare web design has extensive experience with image galleries and appreciates that a photographer wants to show their work off first and often requires a fairly minimal web site in regards to graphic design to achieve this.

Ideas for Photography Websites

Not only is a photographers website their easily referenced portfolio, it could also be an online shop with an ordering and payment facility.

A photographer often puts themselves in a vulnerable position with their photographs online. Copyright theft is quite difficult to keep track of unless certain measures are put in place. Watermarks, anti-copying script and EXIF data tracking can all be placed on images to make copying of content more difficult and traceable.

SEO for Photography Websites

A photographer might wish to be hired from their online portfolio for client work. It would be important to make their portfolio prominent in search terms and really promote their type and style of photography.

Easily Updateable Photo Content

Our experience with a photographers portfolio website is that photo’s often need changing and new work needs to be easily uploaded online. A gallery also needs captions and descriptions to outline or contextualise the images.

Order and enquiry tracking

At the very least, any purchase enquiries or work offers can be stored for follow up easily. These could be tied in to newsletters or repeat order emails.