Google’s meteoric rise to becoming the most used website on the planet is well documented. As is its integration into the English dictionary. But if you pull back the pages and look past the brilliant tools, past the brand new integrated image search and past YouTube’s reams of videos, you will find a layer of humour which holds the whole thing together.

Enter the word: ‘anagram’ into Google’s search bar for instance and you will discover they have more to offer than a complex search tool.

Along the same lines, if you have read The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, you will appreciate the inbuilt calculator’s result to this statement: ‘the answer to life the universe and everything’:

Finally, I was shown another of Google’s japes the other day – try opening Google Maps, typing the words ‘China to Taiwan’ and read the directions from number 40. What do you find? You find a multinational, multibillion dollar mega-brand who aren’t scared of having some fun whilst they provide one of the most useful services the world has ever seen. How refreshing!

If you know of any other Google quirks, please add it below!