Google Images Search

When searching, your chosen search engine sometimes throws up an image that matches exactly what you were looking for. Irritatingly, when you click on it, the website you land on doesn’t have any useful information to help. Now the search engine buffs at Google have remedied this. Simply drag that image back into the search bar and Google will find all the information it can (which is a surprising amount) and provide you with relevant links. Genius! On top of this, you can upload images and copy URLs into the search. Just click the camera icon at Google Images!

Google Instant Preview

Have you noticed the little grey magnifying glass next to all of your search results? Roll the mouse over it and it turns blue, now for the special bit, click on it and you get a quick preview of the whole web page. For me this is most useful when you know what site you want to land on (or you want to avoid) and need a quick check before clicking through.

Google Plus One

The newest tool from Google is its Plus One function. Although this will take some time to become really useful, with a little bit of energy this can help both you and your acquaintances use the search engine even more efficiently.

To start using it, you must have a Google Profile. If you use the Gmail service you most probably already have this set up, if not simply log in and click manage accounts – they will take you from there.

Plus One works in a similar way to Facebook’s ‘like’ function, but it works directly in the search engine. This means you can Plus One a result, then if one of your contacts enters a similar search, they will see which results you have highlighted. I would imagine the most useful application of this tool would be using it to highlight sites which would be of direct interest to your friends when searching for similar things. For example if a group of you were looking for flights to Hawaii, you could highlight the best deals you find, so your friends knew where to look. I am yet to be convinced by this tool, but as with most Google functions, once they are in full swing, you don’t know how you lived without them!

Click here to get started with Google Plus One.