Web Design for Estate Agents

Estate agents have often relied on their shop fronts to locally advertise properties in the area that they are based. Online, there are powerful websites such as rightmove.co.uk that require a monthly subscription and provide a wide reaching audience for the properties that are being advertised.
A website could seriously enhance the online presence of the estate agent and help beat out competition in local online searches.

Ideas for Estate Agent Websites

Updated lists of properties and the facility to add and remove properties as well as their details quickly and easily. Multiple forms would also be good, one that could be used to field quick enquiries and have the basics, such as email address, telephone number and an opt in for any newsletters on upcoming properties to be emailed to the viewers inbox. The other form could take in a bit more detail, such as budget, number of bedrooms, parking and other specific details to really target their enquiry when an agent contacts them.

It would also be important to keep any enquiries on database for following up at a later date.

Keeping track of old customers and reminding them of your presence with offers of health-checks, follow ups or discounts on parts are all suggestions that would work really well with a electrician promotional strategy.

Easily updateable content.

It is important that new properties get added quickly and easily by the sales and office team. These new properties could enter in to a database which could match alongside people that are looking for the same criteria.

It would be a good idea to make the content accessible to staff appraising a property who could upload pictures to the website using a smartphone and also add details as well. The same information could then be automatically uploaded to rightmove.co.uk.

If you wish to find out about other ideas as to enhancing an estate agency website then please contact us. We have some revolutionary ideas that would really enhance your business!

SEO for Estate Agents Websites

It would be important to get really good prominence in local search terms for property hunters using google to scope out property prices regionally.