Affordable, Professional Web Design

Flare web is all about Affordable web design and making the internet work for you. We strongly believe in what we do and go the extra mile to produce a stand out web site for our multitude of clients.

Our web design goal

At Flare web, experience has taught us that a well designed and easy to use website is only half the battle. We closely follow the ROI of you, the client, and have this as our outright goal.

One of our main aims is to give our clients good return of investment and this will often be built in to a specification on your behalf. We track this in numerous ways, one of which is by getting feedback from our clients as to how their business is doing after we have launched a website.

We love it when a client attributes their web site, that we have designed, to an increase of business and it genuinely gives us a buzz to know that we have helped them out. We can also use various metrics and analytics to track the visits and goals of a web-site.

Making the web work for your Business

We know lots of different strategies towards helping your business some of which would fall in to the following three broad categories:

  • Promotion-Reaching a target audience to promote your service.
  • Application-Using a web application to ease or improve your workflow.
  • Information-Creating resources and data display that is accessible for your internal workforce everywhere.
  • Commerce-Selling and receiving payment online for products/services.

These are just some of the examples of the various facets of a modern day functioning website that a company needs to rely on to generate revenue.

Helping you know your online strategy

Our experience has taught us the knowledge of how to get the most out of a website, whatever your intended goals, this boils down to previous success (and learning from failures, sometimes not our own!) and continuously keeping abreast of the emerging web technologies as well as establishing best practice.

A healthy mixture of user experience (UeX), graphic design and professional web development ensures that a web site gets a good fighting chance of achieving its intended goal, whilst functioning well and enhancing your brand.

Why did we call ourselves Flare Web?

A flare has always been something that is used to draw attention or “To signal with a blaze of light.” We also liked the other dictionary definitions which included “To erupt or intensify suddenly.” and “A device that produces a bright light for signaling, illumination, or identification.”

These are just a few of the meanings of this word and it was felt that the internet can sometimes be a place of searching or darkness that requires good beacons (well designed websites) that “illuminate” the viewer and gives a clear signal as to what their goal can be.

Another resounding image was that of a business owner who was lost online with no website or a bad/useless website and didn’t really know how to get out of their problem or needed rescuing from a sinking website. Yep, we thought that the internet could be a sea and a website a boat. DISCLAIMER:”No illegal substances were taken in the creative thought process.” By firing a flare off, the business owner would then be rescued.

This all sounds rather deep and strange, but this is a core attitude within the team that was captured in the word “flare” and likened to the successful design, development and deployment of a good website.

Is Flare Web Local?

We are based in Poole/Bournemouth in the county of Dorset on the south coast of the UK. We are building up a good and repeat client base locally in the Dorset area. We are primarily focusing on the UK south coast for reasons of commuting to meetings but can be flexible with UK based or international client base.

As we are penniless web designers there will be a small travel allowance built in for face to face consultancy outside of the Dorset region. If your company is not too fussed about pressing the flesh but still want to see our faces, then we can arrange skype conferencing with a live share facility for electronic pdf’s etc. to push about.

Our advice would be to seek out web design companies in your own region first and if you still think that we are more favourable to work with then the locality issue is a lesser barrier to overcome. Afterall, we are dealing with the world wide web and we are happy to travel if you really require our physical presence.

Anything else about Flare Web Design?

Without getting too personal and telling you about the best sunset we’ve ever seen or how the beaches in Bournemouth and Poole are wonderful and all that stuff you would expect to hear from web designers that have to SEO a web design website (see what I did there?!). We can give you pictures of our team if you really want to see them, but you will have to contact us first and request them. No funny business mind.

In the mean time, heres a video to run you through some of our recent work: