Financial Data Transfer

Besides your standard brochure based web site, an accountancy firm may require a portal for their clients to upload their payroll, financial information and other sensitive data. A good solution would be to suggest using a trusted third party application or creating an SSL admin area that requires a client login and access to their reports.

All of these things are possible and achievable using modern web technologies and will help eliminate delay in data processing between client and accountant.

Websites for Accountancy firms

Accountants often have little time to update and amend the contents of their website copy, so this is another service that can be provided. If there are marketing conscious individuals or a sales team responsible for the website content there are various solutions available to ensure that they can get access to their website content in a non-technical and easy to use system.

Easily Updateable Content

Flare-web believe in providing various platform solutions and this can be based on an existing “CMS”- Content Management System that the accountancy practice already use, suggest a solution from the accountants previous experience or take in to consideration their level of IT experience and tailor a solution to fit.

Branded and Custom Design

Your company is different from your competitors so why should your website look the same? Flare web works alongside your existing branding to create truly unique custom designs that can integrate with any of the selected CMS or other platforms.